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                      Investment agency

                      We have a series of famous brands enjoying reputation at home and abroad: Dental Doctor, Yida, White Arrow, Liangsang, Doctor etc;
                      We have celebrity endorsements well-known in Asian: Emil Chau, Chen Derong, Liang Yongqi, Chen Yibing, and Huang Xiaoming;
                      We have the most advanced GMP toothpaste workshop and GMP cosmetics shop (passed Swiss SGS certification) ;
                      We have the most effective sales service system (passed UKAS certification).
                      Now we are sincerely inviting distribution partners in moderate-sized cities around the nation to jointly develop market, create enterprise development and seek economic benefits.

                      For details, please call or e-mail us:
                      020-86799866 86799399 18902202772 Mr. Wang to Miss Wu
                        Address: Beixing Industrial Park, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong,China
                        Tel: 020-86799866 86799399 Fax: 020-86796122